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Publications (by topic) related to driver and vehicle licensing and safety in Western Australia.

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  Drivers - getting a licence, driver safety and law

Title Type Size Date
Additional record of supervised driving pages PDF 1 Mb 09-Nov-17
Alcohol Interlock Scheme (Fact sheet) PDF 342 Kb 13-Jun-22
Alcohol Interlock Scheme: Participant guide PDF 675 Kb 04-Dec-20
C4C code of conduct PDF 2 Mb 03-May-21
C4C financial member register template PDF 29 Kb 26-Mar-21
C4C log book template PDF 253 Kb 03-May-21
C4C log book template page 2 PDF 70 Kb 26-Mar-21
Changes to mandatory driving tests for motorcycle riders aged 85 years and older PDF 136 Kb 05-Feb-18
Changes to the application process for a WA driver's licence PDF 144 Kb 07-Jan-19
Demerit points FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 497 Kb 08-Mar-19
Drive Safe handbook PDF 4 Mb 04-Jul-22
Driver training program list (Appendix A) PDF 34 Kb 19-Jan-17
Driving Techniques for Safer Drivers: A Guide for Learner Drivers (Booklet) PDF 8 Mb 12-Oct-22
Driving Techniques for Safer Drivers: A Senior’s Guide to the Practical Driving Assessment (Booklet) PDF 806 Kb 05-Feb-18
Expansion of motor injury insurance cover: Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme (FAQ) PDF 111 Kb 29-Aug-16
Extraordinary driver licence form and plastic card (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 271 Kb 05-Sep-17
Getting your motorcycle licence (Fact sheet) PDF 948 Kb 12-Mar-19
Got Your P's, Now What? brochure PDF 1 Mb 19-Jul-22
Information on Practical Driving Assessment for the authorisation to drive: Heavy Combination (HC class) vehicle (Fact sheet DL68) PDF 340 Kb 22-Nov-16
L plates: yellow (printable) PDF 93 Kb 05-Nov-15
Learn&Log User Guide PDF 1 Mb 22-May-19
Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme (LAMS): R-E approved motorcycles list PDF 456 Kb 09-Nov-22
Overseas drivers: How to get your driver's licence in Western Australia PDF 387 Kb 08-Jun-18
P plates: green (printable) PDF 109 Kb 18-Feb-20
P plates: red (printable) PDF 115 Kb 13-Feb-17
Photo Card (Fact sheet) PDF 210 Kb 05-Sep-17
Photo Card: Frequently Asked Questions PDF 498 Kb 12-Aug-19
Practical Driving Assessment: Online booking service user guide PDF 4 Mb 20-Sep-22
Practical Driving Assessment: Vehicle suitability guide - C class vehicles (Fact sheet) PDF 708 Kb 04-Jul-22
Practical Driving Assessment: Vehicle Suitability Guide: Other Classes (Fact sheet) PDF 982 Kb 04-Jul-22
Primary & Secondary Proof of Identity PDF 392 Kb 01-Apr-19
Questions and answers for MR, HR and HC licences (Fact sheet E89) PDF 340 Kb 11-Nov-19
Remote Services: Proof of Identity - application requirements PDF 839 Kb 02-Jul-21
Ride Safe handbook PDF 15 Mb 08-Mar-22
Sample driving sheet: Appendix F PDF 35 Kb 19-Jan-17
Sample participant feedback form: Appendix G PDF 41 Kb 19-Jan-17
Sample provider's application form: Appendix C PDF 44 Kb 19-Jan-17
Sample provider's training form: Appendix D PDF 59 Kb 19-Jan-17
Security of licence cards (Fact sheet) PDF 584 Kb 10-Mar-17
Six steps to getting your licence (Fact sheet) PDF 232 Kb 18-Jan-19
Six steps to getting your licence for remote communities (Fact sheet) PDF 721 Kb 28-May-19
Western Australian learner's permit card (Fact sheet) PDF 223 Kb 22-Mar-18
Your Secure Identity: Meeting proof of identity requirements (Fact sheet) PDF 349 Kb 09-Nov-22

  Driving instructor's resources

  Frequently Asked Questions

Title Type Size Date
Auxiliary plates (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 101 Kb 03-Feb-17
Change my gender (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 89 Kb 03-Feb-17
Concessions for Classics scheme FAQs PDF 289 Kb 03-May-21
Driver and Vehicle Services privacy policy PDF 467 Kb 28-Apr-22
Expansion of motor injury insurance cover: Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme (FAQ) PDF 111 Kb 29-Aug-16
Fitness to drive declaration (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 48 Kb 21-Apr-16
Flashing warning lights and emergency vehicle status (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 105 Kb 12-Feb-18
Hail-damaged vehicles purchased at auction (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 54 Kb 12-Feb-18
Immediate disqualification (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 317 Kb 06-Jun-17
Introduction of the Motorcycle Graduated Licensing System (Fact Sheet) PDF 597 Kb 02-Nov-18
Licence Alert questions and answers (Fact Sheet) PDF 232 Kb 22-Oct-18
Novice driver demerit points (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 204 Kb 23-Mar-20
Online payment option (Frequently asked questions) PDF 69 Kb 23-Nov-15
Optional plates FAQ PDF 141 Kb 21-Sep-20
Overseas driver's licence transfer recognised countries and translation services (fact sheet) PDF 114 Kb 18-Nov-22
Payments, fees and concessions (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 232 Kb 22-Nov-21
Photo Card: Frequently Asked Questions PDF 498 Kb 12-Aug-19
Plates (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 132 Kb 28-Aug-19
Proof of identity requirements for the application of a WA driver's licence (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 139 Kb 15-Jan-19
Vintage, veteran, post vintage, invitation class concession (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 264 Kb 27-Aug-19
Your personal details and photograph (Frequently Asked Questions) PDF 73 Kb 05-Nov-15

  Vehicles: brochures, guides and reports

Title Type Size Date
A-frame towing (Brochure) PDF 1 Mb 12-Feb-21
Agricultural Vehicle Guide - A Guide to the Movement of Towed Agricultural Implements in Western Australia (Booklet) PDF 5 Mb 30-Oct-19
Air bags (Fact sheet) PDF 50 Kb 25-Aug-17
Application for the authorisation to drive Towed Agricultural Implements HC-X or MC-X (Fact Sheet) PDF 95 Kb 19-Dec-17
Approval for certain emergency vehicles to fit red, blue and white flashing warning lights PDF 215 Kb 19-Jun-17
Approval for local government ranger vehicles to fit and display yellow flashing lights PDF 302 Kb 06-Sep-17
Approval for SES and FES vehicles to be operated as emergency vehicles and fit and display red, blue and white flashing lights PDF 988 Kb 27-Jul-17
Approval to display yellow flashing warning lights: Vehicles spraying pesticides PDF 76 Kb 18-Dec-15
Approved car clubs PDF 165 Kb 23-Dec-22
Are you regularly checking your vehicle? PDF 211 Kb 12-Feb-18
BizPlates: Message and image guidelines PDF 36 Kb 17-Dec-14
BizPlates: Terms and conditions PDF 38 Kb 17-Dec-14
C4C code of conduct PDF 2 Mb 03-May-21
C4C log book template PDF 253 Kb 03-May-21
C4C log book template page 2 PDF 70 Kb 26-Mar-21
Changes to mandatory driving tests for motorcycle riders aged 85 years and older PDF 136 Kb 05-Feb-18
Competing claims of ownership of a vehicle (Fact sheet) PDF 517 Kb 17-Jun-19
Driving authorisation required: Towed Agricultural Implements (Fact Sheet) PDF 59 Kb 06-Aug-15
Euro series plates: Terms and conditions PDF 26 Kb 06-Jan-15
Expansion of motor injury insurance cover: Catastrophic Injuries Support Scheme (FAQ) PDF 111 Kb 29-Aug-16
Fact sheet: Digital billing PDF 245 Kb 14-Feb-20
Farm haulage concession: Information sheet PDF 220 Kb 19-Aug-19
Fleet Licensing (Fact Sheet) PDF 317 Kb 23-Sep-22
Fleet Management Online: User guide PDF 1 Mb 02-Sep-22
Good Gear Guide (for motorcycle and scooter riders) PDF 3 Mb 19-Jul-18
Guidelines for licensing repairable written-off vehicles (Fact sheet) PDF 740 Kb 06-Sep-22
Issue and use of (trade) plates PDF 1 Mb 28-May-21
Licensed quad bikes: Helmet requirements (Fact sheet) PDF 169 Kb 18-Nov-22
Licensing quad bikes: Farm use only (Fact sheet) PDF 69 Kb 03-Feb-17
Modification application light (production) vehicles (Guidelines) PDF 135 Kb 16-Feb-18
Operational stability and performance of air suspension on various vehicle configurations PDF 1 Mb 03-Feb-17
Optional plates general terms and conditions PDF 46 Kb 24-Sep-19
Parking on Private Property - Fact Sheet for Drivers PDF 174 Kb 01-Dec-20
Personalised plates: Terms and conditions PDF 19 Kb 06-Jan-15
Private Property Owner-Occupier Fact Sheet PDF 142 Kb 01-Dec-20
Private Property Parking Signage Guidelines PDF 290 Kb 01-Dec-20
Private Property Towing Arrangement (E202T) form PDF 226 Kb 01-Dec-20
Remote Services: Your car rego and number plates PDF 316 Kb 02-Jan-18
Safe towing guide PDF 657 Kb 08-Nov-21
Stability and on-road performance: MC vehicles with air suspension - Overarching report PDF 1 Mb 03-Feb-17
Stability and on-road performance: MC vehicles with air suspension - Stage 1 PDF 1 Mb 03-Feb-17
Stability and on-road performance: MC vehicles with air suspension - Stage 2 PDF 6 Mb 03-Feb-17
Statement of business ethics (for DVS contractors and suppliers) PDF 188 Kb 06-Sep-22
Storage Yard Fact Sheet PDF 146 Kb 01-Dec-20
Tow Truck Driver Fact Sheet PDF 140 Kb 01-Dec-20
Towed Agricultural Implements summary reference chart (Fact Sheet) PDF 162 Kb 28-Oct-19
Towing Service Provider Fact Sheet PDF 235 Kb 16-Dec-20
Transferring a WA Vehicle Licence (Fact Sheet) PDF 575 Kb 14-Feb-22
Wheel Clamping Ban and Private Property Towing - Frequently Asked Questions PDF 189 Kb 01-Dec-20

  Vehicles: Circulars to Industry (Safety and Standards)

Circulars to industry provide advice on vehicle safety and standards in Western Australia.  Although primarily aimed at the vehicle industry, the circulars also provide useful information to the general public.

Title Type Size Date
CI-101B: Transportation of fork lifts on the rear of heavy vehicles (Circular to Industry) PDF 141 Kb 14-Mar-19
CI-109C: Guidelines for seatbelt repairers (Circular to Industry) PDF 437 Kb 13-Dec-19
CI-111D: 14.63m Long semi-trailers (Circular to Industry) PDF 162 Kb 14-Sep-22
CI-112D Light Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems Construction Guidelines (Circular to Industry) PDF 5 Mb 08-Aug-19
CI-115B: Wheelchair carriers fitted to tow bars (Circular to Industry) PDF 121 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-117B: Tilt tray vehicles (Circular to Industry) PDF 558 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-118C: Imported vehicles pre 1989 guidelines for engineers (Circular to Industry) PDF 117 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-119C: Safety chains for new trailers under 4,500 kg ATM (Circular to Industry) PDF 135 Kb 19-Jan-17
CI-120E: Business rules for bulk licensing cab chassis vehicles (Circular to Industry) PDF 869 Kb 26-Mar-21
CI-123B: Installation of second hand Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) (Circular to Industry) PDF 158 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-124A: Front position lamps (Circular to Industry) PDF 128 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-125B: Change of a monocoque body shell (Circular to Industry) PDF 107 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-126A: Change chassis - cab / motorcycle frame (Circular to Industry) PDF 128 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-127B: Higher mass limits for heavy vehicles with single steer axles (Circular to Industry) PDF 387 Kb 11-Jul-16
CI-129A: Restricted access vehicle (agricultural machine) exemption notice (Circular to Industry) PDF 186 Kb 25-Jan-17

  Vehicles: Codes of Practice (Safety and Standards)

  Vehicles: Information Bulletins (Safety and Standards)

Information bulletins provide advice to the general public on vehicle safety and standards in Western Australia.

Title Type Size Date
Exemptions for drivers carrying children with a medical condition or disability from standard child restraint requirements PDF 714 Kb 30-Sep-20
IB-102S: Automotive Consultants (Information Bulletin) PDF 176 Kb 21-Dec-22
IB-104C: Modifying heavy vehicles (Information Bulletin) PDF 142 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-106D: Special provisions for light left hand drive vehicles (Information Bulletin) PDF 157 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-107B: Safe towing (Information Bulletin) PDF 381 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-108C: Under-body lighting and other decorative illumination (Information Bulletin) PDF 121 Kb 13-Jul-16
IB-110G: Approved Seatbelt Repairers (Information Bulletin) PDF 223 Kb 04-Jun-21
IB-113B: Seatbelt replacement (Information Bulletin) PDF 289 Kb 17-Aug-17
IB-114N: Pre 1989 imported vehicles guidelines for importers (Information Bulletin) PDF 172 Kb 25-Oct-17
IB-115A: Motorised wheelchairs information for users (Information Bulletin) PDF 161 Kb 12-Jul-16
IB-117D: Tradesmen's roof racks (Information Bulletin) PDF 118 Kb 12-Jul-16
IB-118IJ: Fitting Child Car Restraints (Information Bulletin) PDF 342 Kb 08-Aug-22
IB-119D: Window tinting (Information Bulletin) PDF 300 Kb 12-Jul-16
IB-120B: Vehicle operations introduction of revised minor inspection policy (Information Bulletin) PDF 153 Kb 12-Jul-16
IB-121E: Vehicle noise assessors (Information Bulletin) PDF 305 Kb 26-Sep-18
IB-122H: Licensing of vehicles not designed for on-road use (Information Bulletin) PDF 242 Kb 16-Jun-20
IB-124G: Emission testing for light vehicles update (Information Bulletin) PDF 120 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-126B: Air bag suspension (Information Bulletin) PDF 258 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-127B: Marking of VIN numbers on caravans and light trailers (Information Bulletin) PDF 150 Kb 29-Mar-22
IB-129B: Small trailers (Information Bulletin) PDF 153 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-12B: Motorcycle trailers - Construction and use (Information Bulletin) PDF 298 Kb 11-Jul-16
IB-130B: Retrofitting seatbelts (restraints) to buses (Information Bulletin) PDF 109 Kb 02-Sep-20
IB-132C: Fitment and use of additional and optional vehicle lights (lamps) (Information Bulletin) PDF 334 Kb 31-Aug-17
IB-133A: Changes to light vehicle modification applications (Information Bulletin) PDF 100 Kb 01-Oct-18
IB-134: Light vehicle modification standards (Information Bulletin) PDF 248 Kb 13-Apr-21

  Vehicle Standards Bulletins (VSB): Commonwealth

The Department of Infrastructure ,Transport, Regional Development and Communications Vehicle Standards Bulletins series provide information on the design, manufacture, sale, modification, maintenance, import and repair of road vehicles.

  • VSB 1 - Building small trailers.
  • VSB 3 - Vehicle safety recalls.
  • VSB 4 - Steering conversions for left hand drive vehicles.
  • VSB 5A - Commercial manufacture and installation of additional seats.
  • VSB 5B - Construction and installation of additional seats by individuals.
  • VSB 6 - Heavy vehicle modifications.
  • VSB 7A - Design parameters necessary for compliance with ADR 59/00 Part A.
  • VSB 7B - Design parameters necessary for compliance with ADR 59/00 Part B.
  • VSB 10 - Importing vehicles to Australia.
  • VSB 11 - Certification of road-friendly suspensions.
  • VSB 12 - Rear marking plates.
  • VSB 14 - National code of practice for light vehicle construction and modification (NCOP).

You can download the Vehicle Standards Bulletins from the Department of Infrastructure ,Transport, Regional Development and Communications website.

External Link Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications: Vehicle Standards Bulletins (VSB)

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