Good behaviour period election (online)

This form allows you to elect to take the double or nothing option and drive on the good behaviour period.

  Good behaviour period election

This online form should only be used if you have been personally served an Excessive Demerit Points Notice (EDPN) in Western Australia, and you wish to elect a 12 month 'good behaviour period' (conditional) and continue driving in lieu of serving a disqualification period.

To be eligible to make this election you must:

  • Have been personally served this notice at a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or Agency site, Australian Post (Secure Collect) or a Baycorp service delivery agent;
  • Hold a current valid Western Australian driver's licence;
  • Not hold a provisional driver's licence;
  • Ensure your election is received by Transport within 21 days after being served your EDPN, and
  • Supply all the information requested in the form below marked with a marker

If after service of the EDPN and making this election you become subject to any other period of disqualification (including licence suspension orders) the start date of your GBP may be affected.

Please note:

  • Elections can only be made by the person who has been served the EDPN i.e the person whose name appears on the EDPN
  • If you're currently disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence due to licence suspension orders invoked by Fines Enforcement Registry, an immediate disqualification notice or a disqualification imposed by a court you may not be eligible to elect the good behaviour period
  • Any good behaviour period election received later than 21 days after the EDPN has been served will not be accepted and the disqualification period will commence 28 days after service of the EDPN
  • The good behaviour period will commence 28 days after service of the EDPN and will operate for a period of 12 months.
  • Written notification is issued if your application for election of a 'good behaviour period' is approved or declined.
Contact (08) 9320 4500 for verification your application has been approved or declined if notification has not been received.

Excessive Demerit Point Notice (EDPN) details

The EDPN number can be located on the top right hand side of the EDPN provided to you at the time of personal service.

Please note* if your EDPN was served by the Australia Post Secure Collect mail delivery service or by Baycorp please allow 24 hours before registering your application.

Questions marked as are mandatory

  Please note* - this is not the EDPN issue date.

By making this application you understand that if you:

  • Accrue more than one demerit point for offences committed during the good behaviour period; or
  • Commit an offence during the good behaviour period that results in a disqualification imposed by a Court
you will breach the conditions of your good behaviour period and you will be disqualified for double the period stated in your EDPN.

I understand the terms of the good behaviour period election  
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