National rules for driver licences

Find out about how licence conditions and disqualifications in other states and territories affect your driver's licence, and how you can only hold one licence in Australia.

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  Disqualifications apply in all jurisdictions

If your driver's licence has been disqualified in another State or Territory, this disqualification will also be recognised in Western Australia.

This means that you will not be able to apply for a Western Australian driver's licence if a licence you hold in another State or Territory is disqualified.

  Driving contrary to your licence conditions means you are an unlicensed driver

You will be classed as an unlicensed driver if you:

  • Drive a class of vehicle for which you don't have the appropriate licence.
  • Drive without adhering to the conditions placed on your licence.
  • For more information see the licence restrictions and conditions section for a list of conditions.

If you have declared a medical condition to us and you drive without adhering to the requirements updated on your licence, such as the need to wear visual aids, then you will also be classed as an unlicensed driver.

  One person one licence

Drivers throughout Australia may only hold one licence to drive. If you are applying for the grant of a Western Australian driver's licence, you must surrender your existing Australian driver's licence under the national 'one person one licence' principle.

Once you have been granted a Western Australian driver's licence your previous Australian State or territorial driver's licence will become invalid for use.

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