Replace a learner's permit

How to replace a lost, stolen or damaged learner's permit.

You can apply to replace your Western Australian learner’s permit:


Replace a learner's permit online with DoTDirect

If you have a DoTDirect account you can apply and pay for a replacement learner's permit online.

If you don’t have a DoTDirect account, you can register online.

You will not be able to buy a replacement learner’s permit online via DoTDirect, if you have:

  • changed your address within the last 7 days
  • ordered a replacement learner's permit for the specified class online in the last 12 months.

You will need to visit a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre, regional Department of Transport (DoT) office or  agent to replace your learner's permit.

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Apply for a replacement learner’s permit by post

To apply for replacement learner's permit in person, you will need to send:

  • a completed application Application for replacement certified copy or driver’s licence, learner’s permit or learner log book (Form DL26)
  • certified copies of your primary and secondary proof of identity
  • required fee
  • completed photo kit form (if applying from overseas or interstate).

Make cheques or money orders payable to Department of Transport.

Send your application, documents and fee to:

Department of Transport, Driver and Vehicle Services, GPO Box R1290, Perth WA 6844

Once your application has been processed, you will receive your replacement learner’s permit via post.


Learner's permit card replacement

Fee type Fee
Learner's Permit card replacement $32.20

Replace a lost learner log book

If you have lost your learner log book and you do not wish to use the Learn & Log app to record your supervised driving hours you must attend a Driver and Vehicle Service (DVS) centre or Department of Transport agent to apply for a replacement.

You will need to:

Supervised driving recorded in your lost book cannot be verified by the Department of Transport.

All supervised driving hours will need to be completed again.

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