Visiting from overseas or interstate

Find out about using your overseas or interstate driver's licence while visiting Western Australia.

If you are visiting Western Australia from overseas or another Australian state or territory, you can use your current driver’s licence.

You are considered to be a visitor to WA if you are a tourist, on a business trip, studying or working temporarily in WA.

While driving in WA, you must:

  • carry your licence with you
  • follow the WA road rules 
  • follow the provisional driver restrictions (if you're a provisional driver)
  • comply with any conditions of your licence and only drive vehicles you are authorised to drive
  • have a current and valid licence that has not been suspended, cancelled, or disqualified or withdrawn.


Using an interstate learner’s permit

If you’re visiting from another Australian state or territory, you can drive on a current and valid learner’s permit in WA.
While driving on a learner’s permit in WA, you must:

  • drive with a supervising driver
  • display L plates on the front and back of the vehicle when you are driving.
  • not exceed the posted speed limit, and you cannot exceed 100 km/h.
  • not have a blood alcohol concentration exceeding 0.00%
  • not drive or ride in areas where learners are not permitted, such as Kings Park.


Visitors from diplomatic services and consulates

If you are a diplomatic service member or consular officer and have been posted to WA, you and your spouse or dependents do not need to obtain a WA driver's licence.

You can use your current and valid overseas driver’s licence.

If your licence is not in English, you must carry an English translation of your licence which has been certified by your consulate, diplomatic office or mission when driving.

If you become a permanent resident, you will need to apply to transfer your overseas licence within 3 months of gaining residency.

Find out how to transfer an overseas driver’s licence.

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