Application process

Find out about the application process for the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme grant.

  Step 1:Refer to design standards and guidelines

All new boating facilities must comply with the relevant Australian Standards:

  • Maritime structures (AS 4997).
  • Marinas (AS 3962).
  • Universal access design (AS 1428).

Please go to SAI Global to purchase the relevant Australian Standards documents.

Facilities with trailer parking must be of the appropriate dimensions to allow for a typical vehicle with a boat trailer to manoeuvre and park safely.

Please go to Austroads to purchase vehicle and turning path design templates to assist with your design process.

The Department of Transport has developed a set of design guidelines to assist Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme grant applicants. These can be downloaded below.

For more information and advice, please contact a Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme Officer, details below.

Please download the following design guidelines and typical layout plans.

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Austroads: Publications
Opens in a new window SAI Global

  Step 2:Contact us

To determine if your proposed project is eligible for a Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) grant, please contact an RBFS Officer.

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  Step 3:Determine the category for your proposal

You will need to determine which of the 2 categories of grants your project falls under in order to download the correct application package.

For information on the grant categories, please go to the Eligibility and grant categories page.

  Step 4:Download the relevant application form

Once you have determined what category of grant you should apply for, you can download the correct application package.

It is highly recommended you start your application as soon as possible as you may need to obtain quotes or approvals.

Before applying for a Works grant for maritime facilities, you should have detailed engineering drawings and cost estimates. If you do not already have these, consider applying for a Planning grant instead.

  Step 5:Submit your application

Round 27 of the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS) closes 2pm Thursday 1 September 2022.

All applications must be emailed with the necessary attachments by the closing date, see contact details below.

Works applicants should attach engineering drawings or concept plans, as well as up to 6 photos of reasonable resolution, such as:

  • Close ups and aerial photos of the site, with the location clearly marked.
  • Examples of similar infrastructure to your proposal.
  • Existing infrastructure (with the proposed upgrade clearly marked).

Once your application has been received, an acknowledgement will be sent.

Other means of submitting an application

If it is not possible to send the application via email, please save the application on a disk and contact a Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme Officer before the closing date.


Applicants who submit their application on paper will be asked to resubmit an electronic version before the closing date.

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  Step 6:Assessment process and notification of result

Once an application has been received by the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme (RBFS), it will be assessed as follows:

  1. Regional Assessment panel.
  2. Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme panel.
  3. Minister for Transport.

All applications will be evaluated based on the benefits they provide to the recreational boating public.

Regional Assessment Panels

The Regional Manager in each region will put together a Regional Assessment Panel to review applications and make recommendations to the RBFS Panel.

Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme Panel

The Department of Transport provides technical advice to the RBFS Panel which will make a final assessment and provide recommendations to the Minister for Transport.

The current RBFS Panel is made up of representatives from:

  • Boating WA.
  • Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (Parks and Estuaries Division).
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services.
  • Department of Transport's Coastal Infrastructure unit.
  • Jet Sport West.
  • Recfishwest.
  • Western Australian Local Government Association.

Minister for Transport

The Minister for Transport makes the final judgement on each application.

Successful applications

If your Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme grant application is successful, you will receive a letter from the Minister for Transport.

Projects may only be partially funded, or not funded at all, if there are more applicants than available funds. You may be offered funding for certain components only, or only a percentage of the funding you requested.

You will be asked to sign a legally binding funding agreement, which details the grant conditions.

Unsuccessful applications

If unsuccessful, you will be provided with reasons why the application was unsuccessful.

You may submit an application again in the next round, but please consider the reasons for the application failing.

Please contact a Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme Officer if you would like to discuss the details.

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