Jetty compliance

How to maintain and meet safety requirements for your jetty or structure.

Jetties and other structures that require a jetty licence must a be maintained to a high standard of safety and structural integrity to ensure they do not become a danger to other waterway users.

Jetty inspections

The Department of Transport (DoT) bases its inspections on the site drawings/plans supplied during the jetty licence application.

New structures

Once the jetty or structure has been constructed, the licensee is required to sign a statutory declaration to confirm:

  • that the structure has been built in accordance with the approved drawings, and
  • if possible, provide a structural engineer certification.

DoT will inspect new jetties and structures within 6 months of the issue of the jetty licence.

Existing structures

If you have purchased new property and have been granted a licence for an existing jetty, DoT may hold an original site plan of the site.  

When you apply for a new licence, you will be required to submit a site plan of the existing jetty or structure.

If there are any differences to the site or any construction amendments, you will need to apply to modify your licence.

DoT will inspect existing jetties and structures every 2 years or on an ad hoc basis as required.

Unmaintained jetties

A jetty structure will be identified as being non-compliant if it does not meet the requirements of outlined in the jetty licence.

If your jetty is identified as non-compliant following an inspection, you will be sent a work order, detailing:

  • the necessary requirements of repair, and
  • the timeframe in which to action.

The jetty will be re-inspected and if you do not meet the requirements, your jetty licence will be cancelled. 

You may be required to remove the jetty at your own expense.

Financial penalties apply if you do not remove a jetty if directed to do so by DoT.

Unlicensed jetties

Unlicensed jetties and structures may be removed.

Financial penalties will apply if the owner does not licence the jetty or structure. 

Public liability risk

A jetty licence does not restrict public access to areas that the public would have had access to before the licence was issued (for example, a foreshore reserve.)

You should be aware of the public liability risk of having a jetty and the indemnity provided under the licence.

How to display your jetty licence number

Each jetty licence has a unique licence identifier.

The licence number must be:

  • displayed above the winter high-water level
  • visible from both the shore and on the water
  • in a contrasting colour to the structure
  • at least 75 mm high.
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