Bunbury is located 175 km south of Perth, in the South West region. Find out about the facilities at Casuarina Boat Harbour, as well as coastal, tide and wave data.

  Bunbury specific coastal data

  Plan your Bunbury boating trip

Download our boating guide and check the weather forecast before heading out on the water. Find out more about boating safety and planning your trip.

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  Casuarina Boat Harbour facilities

  Harbour experiences

As part of the Transforming Bunbury’s Waterfront Stage 2 works the Department completed the Jetty Road Causeway Upgrade at Casuarina Boat Harbour.

The $12.65 million two year Jetty Road project involved:

  • Major repairs to the causeway with an additional 31,000 tonnes of rock placed to strengthen the structure
  • Reconstruction of Jetty Road
  • Addition of a penholder facility and public toilets
  • Provision of 164 car parking bays
  • Improvements to utilities including power and water
  • Introduction of shared paths and landscaping rejuvenating the area, making it a popular place to walk and cycle.

The upgrade has laid the foundation for the future growth of Casuarina Boat Harbour as important business and community hub servicing the commercial fishing, charter and tourism industries and providing safe launching facilities for smaller craft.

There are a number of activities available at Casuarina Boat Harbour:

  • Take a walk along the pathways on Jetty Road and look out across Casuarina Boat Harbour, Koombana Bay and the Indian Ocean.
  • Admire the refurbished Arrol Crane, once positioned on the old timber jetty which extended 590 metres from Jetty Road.
  • Catch dinner from the Public Fishing Jetty in the Outer Harbour.
  • Spy a Dolphin and experience the redeveloped Koombana Bay Foreshore on the way to the Dolphin Discovery Centre.
  • Take a charter from the harbour and wonder at the world above and beneath the waves at the Lena Wreck.
  • Enjoy the restaurants and cafes a stone’s throw from the harbour at the Marlston Waterfront.
  • Take in the sunset with the family at the playground and swimming beach on the southern corner of the harbour.
  • Launch your vessel and enjoy the water ski area near “The Plug” or fish in the Outer Harbour beyond.
  • Watch a twilight yacht race in summer in the bay from the beach or from the comfort of your car along Jetty Road.

  Mooring and pen waitlists and contacts

Boating pens promotion
Boating pens promotion

Boat pens are available at Department of Transports metropolitan and regional boating facilities providing a secure, convenient option to easily access your favourite boating destination.

The Department of Transport has vacant pens available in metropolitan areas such as Fremantle and Two Rocks Marina, as well as regional areas including the Mid-West, South West and Great Southern.

Pens range in size from 8 to 25 metres. Having your own pen will provide you with a safe and convenient facility for your boat with secure access giving you more time on the water.

For information relating to fees and charges applying to pens, please refer to the Schedule of Maritime Facilities Fees and Charges.

Wait lists

The Department of Transport manages boat harbours and other maritime facilities for small craft around the state. Vessel accommodation offered at each maritime facility is different, and may include pens, swing or pile moorings, or a mix of both. There will usually be different size pens or moorings available at each facility, catering for vessels from six metres upwards.

Vessel accommodation is always in high demand. Where the number of pens/moorings available is not sufficient to satisfy demand, the DoT maritime facility maintains a waiting list.

Facilities that may have a wait list

  • Bunbury, Casuarina Boat Harbour moorings.
  • Bunbury, Casuarina Boat Harbour pens.
  • Exmouth boating facility.
  • Fremantle Challenger Harbour.
  • Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.
  • Geraldton boating facility.
  • Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Members of the public who wish to be considered for a long term (annual) vacancy in the pen/mooring system when one becomes available are able to put their name on the wait list.

Wait list process

  1. If you would like to be on a wait list for a pen or mooring please contact us via the application form below.
  2. You will be assigned a wait list number. (example: CBH 001)
  3. Once a suitable pen/mooring is available, you will be contacted in writing by the Department. You will be given two-weeks to respond.
  4. If you do not respond within the two week period your name will automatically come off the wait list. You will need to re-apply to go on the wait list again.
  5. You will get a maximum of two offers within a year. If you decline both offers, your name will be removed from the wait list.

Need to come off the wait list?

If you are on a wait list, but have acquired a pen or mooring elsewhere, please notify the wait list facility and ask to have your name removed.

Mooring/pen contacts

Region Facility Office location Phone contact Email contact
Gascoyne Carnarvon Small Boat Harbour Department of Transport, Gascoyne, Harbour Road Carnarvon WA 6701 (08) 9216 8230 Email
Gascoyne Exmouth Boating Facility Department of Transport, 21 Maidstone Crescent Exmouth WA 6707 (08) 9216 8220 Email
Goldfields/Esperance Bandy Creek Boat Harbour, Esperance Department of Transport, Great Southern, Suite 2, 178 Stirling Terrace Albany WA 6330 (08) 9216 8520 Email
Great Southern Albany Waterfront Marina Department of Transport, Great Southern, Suite 2, 178 Stirling Terrace Albany WA 6330 (08) 9216 8520 Email
Great Southern Emu Point Boat Harbour, Albany   (08) 9216 8520 Email
Metropolitan Challenger Boat Harbour   (08) 9431 1020 Email
Metropolitan Two Rocks Marina 1 Pope Street, Two Rocks WA 6037 (08) 9561 1100 Email
Mid West Batavia Coast Marina, Geraldton   (08) 9216 8170 Email
Mid West Jurien Bay Boat Harbour Department of Transport, Mid West, 65 Chapman Road, Geraldton WA 6530 (08) 9216 8170 Email
Mid West Kalbarri Maritime Facility   (08) 9216 8170 Email
Southwest Augusta Boat Harbour Department of Transport, South West, 24 Wellington Street Bunbury WA 6231 (08) 9216 8200 Email
Southwest Casuarina Boat Harbour, Bunbury   (08) 9216 8200 Email

Maritime facilities: Schedule of fees and charges (2022/2023)

For information regarding fees and charges to be applied from 1 July 2022, please refer to the documents below: 

The 'Maritime facilities: Schedule of marine fees and charges' document contains fees and vessel accommodation information on numerous DoT managed facilities, including the following;

  • Ferry licence fees.
  • Fuel wharfage fees.
  • General notes.
  • Jetty and mooring area licence fees.
  • Statewide fees.

  Project: Casuarina Boat Harbour

The Department of Transport (DoT) will implement a major component of Stage 2 - the redevelopment of the Jetty Road causeway. The value of the causeway works is approximately $10 million, with funds provided through Royalties for Regions.

For more information, visit the Casuarina Boat Harbour page.

  Changes to speed restrictions in the Bunbury waterways

New speed restrictions and other changes have been introduced to improve marine safety for a variety of aquatic users in the Bunbury, Koombana Bay and Leschenault waterways.

To assist boat owners and raise awareness, DoT provides a free South West Boating Guide (see link below) and the changes have been included on signage at boat ramps and key locations.

The most significant changes are revised eight knot speed restricted areas throughout Koombana Bay and the Collie River, and the introduction of new closed waters to motorised vessels north of The Cut, entrance into the Leschenault Estuary.

New water ski areas have been opened at the Marlston Waterfront area, east of the Bunbury Port and north of The Cut. This will improve safety for those enjoying water ski activities and reduce congestion at the region's inland water ski lakes.

For more information, refer to the South West Boating Guide or contact DoT on 13 11 56 to receive a copy.

  Bunbury Sea Rescue Group Inc.

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
PO Box 1274,
Bunbury WA 6231
(08) 9791 2330 (08) 9791 2330 Email

  Rocky Point historical wave data

Historical wave data

The table below shows the dates during which wave data was collected at various locations around Rocky Point.

Legend: A = Analogue, D = Digital

Location No. Depth Latitude (S) Longitude (E) Installed Removed Format
13 7 metres 33° 32' 58" 115° 03' 34" 14/03/1979 18/10/1979 A
13 7 metres 33° 32' 58" 115° 03' 34" 22/04/1980 03/05/1981 A

  Tide predictions and resources

Find out about annual tide predictions at various locations along Western Australia's coast. All data provided is subject to DoT's disclaimer, conditions of use and copyright policy.

  About the weather and wave information on this page

All information is provided to the public subject to the Department of Transport's disclaimer, privacy, copyright and conditions of use policy.


Weather information is gathered from the Bureau of Meteorology website.

Wave information

The wave climate at any location can be, and usually is, a combination of sea and swell and is often referred to as the total wave.

The graphs provide information on sea waves and swell waves. They are updated as near to real-time as possible.

The near real-time wave data is downloaded from recording sites and graphics created for the web using software developed by Tremarfon Pty Ltd.

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