Swan and Canning River jetties

The Department of Transport manages public use jetties in the Swan and Canning Riverpark. Find out about locations, fees and conditions of use.

The Department of Transport (DoT) manages all public use jetties in the Swan and Canning Riverpark.

These jetties can be used for loading and unloading, picking up and setting down passengers and casual berthing.

Use of the jetties is restricted to 15 minutes at a time or less.

Drop off and pick up at all jetties operates on a self-managed system that relies on commercial operators and the public sharing these facilities in a fair manner.


Jetties managed by DoT within the Swan and Canning Rivers include:

  • Applecross Jetty
  • Barrack Street Jetties
  • Burswood Jetty
  • Claremont Jetty
  • Coode Street Jetty
  • Como Jetty
  • East Street Jetty
  • Keanes Point Jetty
  • Mends Street Jetty
  • Mosman Bay Jetty
  • Nedlands Jetty
  • Point Walter Jetty

Fees and charges (2023/2024)

If you have paid for 3 months of DoT vessel accommodation at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour or Fremantle Challenger Harbour you can use any of our jetties in the Swan and Canning Rivers for up to 15 minutes at a time. (Conditions may apply on event days at Burswood Jetty).

If you want regular short-term access to our service jetties and wharves and are not a DoT vessel accommodation customer, you can apply for annual short term service jetty and wharf access

If you need to use a service jetty or wharf for longer than 15 minutes a fee will apply for casual daily use. 

Annual permits for use of Barrack Street, Mends Street and Burswood jetties are issued for registered passenger-carrying vessels only.

When calculating fees, the length of a vessel is its overall length rounded down to the nearest whole metre.

All fees listed below are inclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.

Swan Canning River jetty and wharf use

Fee type Fee
Recreational vessel of less than 25 metres in length, use of service jetty or wharf, alongside berth, pen or pile mooring - per day $58.85
Recreational vessel of 25 metres or more in length, use of service jetty or wharf, alongside berth, pen or pile mooring - per day, per metre of the vessel length $8.25
Commercial vessel use of service jetty or wharf - per day, per metre of the vessel length $8.25
Short-term use of service jetty or wharf for any vessel (excluding service vessels at Exmouth, Onslow and Point Samson) - 12 months paid in advance, per metre of the vessel length $94.35

Barrack Street and Mends Street jetty permit

Fee type Fee
1. For vessel for 12 months - the higher of $5,012.55 and the result of the following calculation:
Per passenger calculated on the highest vessel passenger carrying capacity as surveyed $70.05
for vessel up to 35 metres in length
higher of $ 9,021.60
or per metre of the vessel length $ 501.20
For vessel 35 metres in length or over
per metre of the vessel length $ 802.00
MINUS $ 7,016.80
2. Sullage fee for vessels that have not paid the fee calculated in item 1 above.
Per pump out $ 102.15

Burswood Jetty permit

Fee type Fee
For exclusive use of Berth 1 on event days and priority use at other times, for 12 months, paid in advance $16,638.00

For other fees not listed above, see the Maritime facilities: Schedule of fees and charges document below.

Fees and charges (2024/2025)

Please refer to the documents below for information regarding the fees and charges to be applied from 1 July 2024.

Use of Burswood Jetty

Burswood Jetty has specific conditions for use to enable it to function effectively on event and non-event days at Optus Stadium.

Berth 1

  • Berth 1 is exclusive use by Captain Cook Cruises on event days.
  • On all other days, Captain Cook Cruises have priority use.

Berth 2

Berth 2 is charter and commercial vessels on event days. Recreational vessels can use the berth on non-event days.

Recreational vessels using Berth 2 must vacate the berth to make way for any approaching ferries.

Berth 3

Recreational vessels can use Berth 3 at any time.

All vessels  using Berth 2 or 3 must adhere to the following conditions:

  • The skipper must remain with the vessel at all times.
  • Users are limited to 15-minute berthing times at the jetty, for pick up and drop off of passengers only.
  • No swimming, diving or fishing from the jetty.

Commercial charter operators

For information on operating your commercial charter vessels from Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour (lower public boardwalk only) or Barrack Street Jetties, contact DoT’s contracted Property Manager, McGees Property. 
Telephone: 9476 2000 
Email: admin@per.mcgees.com.au

Commercial vessel code of conduct

The Commercial Charter Vessel Code of Conduct has been developed in Partnership with Marine Tourism WA, DoT and the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

The Code covers the Swan Canning Riverpark and the Metropolitan Coastline from Port Kennedy to Two Rocks.

The Code clearly outlines roles and responsibilities of various agencies involved in the regulation of commercial charter industry vessels.

Useful resources

We have several resources to help you stay safe when out on the water.


Deckee is a free app to help you plan your next boating trip. The app helps you keep informed with location-based data, safety alerts, access to the coast cams, weather forecasts and other information while you're on your boat. Download Deckee before you go.

Nautical charts

DoT publishes nautical charts of the WA coastline for use by recreational and commercial vessels. Download the Gregory to Perth nautical charts

Boating guides

Our boating guides provide local marine safety information, including boating hazards, speed restrictions, personal watercraft, waterski and closed water areas. Download a guide below or visit the boating guides page for more resources.

Contact us

Barrack Street jetties

To find out more, contact McGees Property. 
Telephone: 9476 2000 
Email: admin@per.mcgees.com.au

Other Swan and Canning River jetties

To find out more, contact the Harbour Management Office on (08) 9431 1020 or email ffbh@transport.wa.gov.au

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