Buy a vehicle and transfer a vehicle licence

Find out what you need to do to transfer a vehicle licence as a buyer.

If you are the new owner or buyer of a Western Australian licensed vehicle (including a car, caravan, motorcycle or trailer), you must notify the Department of Transport (DoT) within 14 days of purchasing the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in a penalty being applied.

The same applies if you receive a second hand Western Australian-registered vehicle as a gift.

There is a different process if you are the seller of a vehicle.

Transfer a vehicle licence online

You will need a DoTDirect account to transfer a vehicle to your name online. You can create an account if you don’t already have one.

You will also need:

  • the details of the sale, e.g. date of sale, selling price and dutiable value
  • the vehicle plate number
  • the seller’s name.

Transfer a vehicle licence using DoTDirect

Transfer a vehicle licence by mail or in person

Some vehicle licences cannot be transferred online. These include vehicles that are:

If you are unable to transfer your vehicle licence online, you can complete a Notification of Change of Ownership - Vehicle Licence Transfer (MR9) form (available to download below).

To complete the form

1. Complete the vehicle licence transfer form with the seller.

The seller of the vehicle must complete and submit the seller’s copy (blue) to the Department of Transport within 7 days and give the purchaser’s copy (red) to you (the buyer) along with the vehicle licence.

If the vehicle is fitted with optional number plates and you want to keep them, you will need to transfer them into your name and pay the transfer fee.

If you do not want to keep the optional number plates, the seller will need to return them to a Driver and Vehicle Services centre prior to selling the vehicle and purchase a set of ordinary plates.

For more information refer to Sell or transfer plates.

Note: If you buy a vehicle that is licensed with a concession rate and that concession does not apply to you, you must tell us.

An adjustment debt will be created at the time of transfer which you will be required to pay to restore the correct licence fees.

2. Submit forms and proof of identification

You can submit the completed Notification of Change of Ownership - Vehicle Licence Transfer (MR9) form to any Driver and Vehicle Services centre, DoT regional office or agent OR post to:

Driver and Vehicle Services
GPO Box R1290
Perth WA 6844.

You need to include:

  • the completed purchaser's copy (red) of the Notification of change of ownership vehicle licence transfer (MR9) form
  • if you do not have a Western Australian driver’s licence, certified copies of proof of identification and age (see our fact sheet below for guidelines on providing proof of identity).

Remember, as the buyer you must submit your application within 14 days of purchasing the vehicle.


Once we receive the vehicle transfer form, we will send you an invoice for:

  • the vehicle licence transfer fee
  • vehicle licence duty – use the online calculator to estimate how much you may need to pay.
  • if the vehicle is licensed at a concessional rate which you are not entitled to you will also receive a pro-rata adjustment invoice to pay the difference in vehicle licence charges. 

If you have not received your invoice or any communication from DoT within 21 days, you can visit a Driver and Vehicle Services centre, DoT regional office or agent, or call the Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 to have the issue investigated.

Note: Certain caravans are exempt from vehicle licence duty. You will still need to pay a vehicle licence transfer fee.


You may be eligible to receive a concession of up to 100% on the fees payable for your vehicle licence and vehicle licence duty. Find out what concessions are available in Western Australia.

Concessions for seniors, veterans or pensioners can apply to only one vehicle at a time. If you are eligible for a concession and hold a concession on another vehicle licensed in your name, you will be required to restore the existing vehicle to full rates before acquiring the new vehicle.

Buying from a car dealer

When you buy a licensed vehicle from a car dealer, it is the dealer’s responsibility to complete the steps to transfer the vehicle licence into your name. 

You will need to pay the applicable transfer fee and vehicle licence duty.

Application for reassessment of duty

Where the agreement to purchase a vehicle between a dealer and purchaser is rescinded, annulled or otherwise terminated before the purchaser has taken possession of the vehicle, the purchaser can apply for the reassessment of duty and refund of fees paid for the grant or transfer of a vehicle licence.

Buying a vehicle from interstate

All interstate vehicles must be inspected at an Authorised Inspection Station and issued with a certificate of inspection before they can be licensed in Western Australia.

You will also need to obtain a temporary moving permit and make an application for the grant of a Western Australian vehicle licence.

For more information refer to License a vehicle in Western Australia.

Joint ownership

If your vehicle is to be jointly owned, only one owner can be nominated as the vehicle licence holder. For more information refer to Vehicle owner responsibilities.

Additional information

You can find useful information on buying a car from the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety:

You can use the Personal Property Securities Register to find out if a vehicle has been written-off. You will need the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to conduct the search.

You can check the status of vehicle licence online.

You can use DoTDirect to find out if a vehicle licence has been suspended. A vehicle suspension prevents the owner of a vehicle, or anyone else, from using that vehicle. It also restricts the ability to renew, register or transfer a vehicle licence.

If you purchase a vehicle with a suspended licence, you will need to contact the Department of Justice.

Do I need to transfer the vehicle licence in the same way as the seller?

No, the buyer and seller do not have to transfer the vehicle licence in the same way. For example, the seller could transfer it via DoTDirect and the purchaser could submit the Notification of Change of Ownership - Vehicle Licence Transfer (MR9) form.

My name is incorrect on the transfer invoice. What should I do?

Where the vehicle licence was transferred into an incorrect name as a result of the MR9 form being completed incorrectly, you will need to:

  • have the seller complete a new MR9 form with the correct details.
  • provide a signed letter from both the seller and the original (incorrect) purchaser stating the error that has occurred.

The new MR9 form and supporting documents can be submitted in person or by mail with the appropriate documents to have the transfer reversed or corrected.

Need help?

If you have any questions you can call our Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56.

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