Buy a vehicle (transfer licence)

You must advise the Department within 14 days of purchasing a licensed vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.

  Information for purchaser (buyer)

You must advise DoT within 14 days of purchasing a licensed vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.


  • If you submit your transfer via DoTDirect, a transfer form is not required by DoT. We recommend you keep proof of purchase documents for your own records.
  • The buyer and seller do not have to transfer the vehicle in the same way. For example, the seller could transfer it via DoTDirect and the purchaser could submit the MR9 transfer form.
  • If a transfer invoice is in an incorrect name, excluding a spelling error, contact the seller and request a replacement transfer notice or written notification that an error has been made.
  • If you cannot contact the seller to obtain a replacement transfer notice, a statutory declaration advising that the original notice was incorrect is acceptable. Proof of identification is needed to effect the changes.
  • If the previous vehicle owner is unknown, and you are unable to contact the seller/company to get a seller signature, complete a Declaration of Vehicle Ownership (VL50) form. When we have conducted the relevant vehicle checks, we will contact you within 21 days to tell you of the result. If the transfer is approved, we will send an invoice for the vehicle licence duty and transfer fee.
  • When transferring is a farm tractor or tractor plant use the Application for Farm Vehicle Concession (VL39) form.
  • For transfers done by Motor Vehicle Dealers use a VL12 form. This is acceptable as proof of ownership for a registered motor vehicle dealer.
  • Vehicles transferred from Deceased Estates need a Statutory declaration: Deceased estates (Form MR172)
    completed by the Executor or Administrator of the Estate.
  • If you need to confirm the date of purchase and you didn’t keep a copy of the 'Notification of Change of Ownership Vehicle Licence Transfer (MR9) form' you may be able to get a detailed letter by calling 13 11 56 or by visiting your nearest DVS centre, regional DoT office or agent.
  • If the vehicle you have purchased is subject to a concession rate you will need to ensure it is restored to the rates applicable to you or the continued use of the vehicle will be in contravention of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012 (WA).

  Buying a vehicle - Transfer options

You have the choice of transferring a vehicle using:

  • DoTDirect (option A) or
  • By submitting a MR9 form (option B).

DoTDirect vehicle transfers are available to individuals. All you need to transfer a vehicle into your name is the seller's surname and the vehicle plate number.

Some vehicles cannot be transferred using DotDirect. These include vehicles that are:

  • Part of a court order or deceased estate.
  • To be jointly owned.
  • Being transferred between spouses or de facto partners.
  • Heavy vehicles.
  • Issued with optional plates.
  • Transferring to or from a company/organisation.
  • Where the seller, buyer or vehicle do not match our records.

Option A: Transfer a vehicle via DoTDirect

DoTDirect logo

Customers with DoTDirect accounts can conveniently transfer vehicles online. You can even do it on your mobile phone.

  • To transfer a vehicle, log into your DoTDirect Account and follow the prompts.
  • If you submit your transfer via DoTDirect, a transfer form is not required. We recommend that you keep proof of purchase documents for your own records.

Option B: Transfer a vehicle via a form

If you are unable to transfer your vehicle online, you can submit a manual MR9 form. Please complete Steps 1 to 5 below.

Note: Vehicles transferred from Deceased Estates need a  MR172 form, completed by the Executor or Administrator of the Estate. Please refer to our section on Transferring by court order or deceased estates for more information.

  Step 1:Complete the vehicle licence transfer form with the seller

You will need to complete a Notification of change of ownership vehicle licence transfer (MR9) form with the seller as you both need to sign the form.

The seller is required to submit the seller's copy (blue) to us within 7 days and give the Purchaser's copy (red) to you.

Note: If you choose to download a copy of the vehicle transfer form it will not be carbonated. The sellers copy and the purchasers copy must both be completed and signed by you and the seller.

  Step 2:Obtain licence papers and immobiliser information

You (the buyer) are responsible for ensuring that a Government approved immobiliser is fitted to the vehicle. We therefore recommend you ask the seller if an immobiliser is fitted and if so obtain as many details as you can (e.g. factory or type and date fitted).

Please refer to our web page on immobilisers for detailed information on:

  • which vehicles need an immobiliser.
  • exemptions.
  • 'approved' immobilisers and how to get one fitted.

  Step 3:Submit forms and proof of identification

To save time in lengthy queues we recommend you post the forms and supporting documents to us. If required you can attend a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or regional Agent.

You will need to submit the following documents:

  • 'Purchaser's copy' of the vehicle transfer form (MR9)
  • 'Fitment of immobiliser' declaration form (if possible)
  • Proof of identification and age - a fact sheet on accepted proof of identity documents is provided below (relevant to individuals only).

Garaging Address (base of operation):

  • In accordance with section 5 of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012, vehicles cannot be licensed in Western Australia if they are garaged in another state.
  • You may be required to produce documentary proof of this.


If the vehicle purchased will be jointly owned, one of the owners will need to be nominated as the licence holder. Please complete the 'Proof of Identity - Nominated Owner/Vehicle Licence Holder' Form VL186 (provided below) and send it with your application to transfer vehicle ownership. 

  Step 4:Pay vehicle licence duty and transfer fee

Once we receive the vehicle transfer form, we will either invoice you for the vehicle licence duty and transfer fee, plus any upgrade of the licence fee (if a concession was previously applied) or contact you in writing if we require further information. DoT will send you the invoice by post or you can elect to receive your invoice electronically.

If you have not received your invoice or any communication from DoT, you can attend your local DVS centre, regional DoT office or agent, or call the Customer Contact Centre on 13 11 56 to have the issue investigated.

You must pay the invoice within 28 days of it being issued or a penalty will apply. View your payment options.

Once your vehicle has been successfully transferred, and the transfer fee paid, you can login to DoTDirect and click on the vehicle tab to view all vehicles currently licensed in your name.

  Joint owners and nominated licence holders

In most cases, the owner (purchaser) will be the 'responsible person' for the vehicle. However, when there is more than one owner, all owners of the vehicle will need to nominate a single 'responsible person'.

The following rules apply to all jointly-owned vehicles:

  • A vehicle cannot be licensed in the name of more than one person at a time.
  • Where a vehicle is jointly-owned all owners must complete and sign a Proof of Identity Nominated Owner/Vehicle Licence Holder VL186 form to nominate an eligible individual to be the 'responsible person'.
  • Where there is no change in the joint owners but the nominated owner/licence holder is to change, a Change in Nominated/Joint Owners form E4 is to be completed by all owners. Transfer and vehicle licence duty will not be payable.
  • Where a joint owner or 'responsible person' is to be removed a Change in Nominated/Joint Owners (Form E4) is to be completed by all owners. Transfer and vehicle licence duty will be payable.
  • The nominated owner will be recorded by the Department as the person responsible for the vehicle licence.
  • An individual may not be nominated as the 'responsible person' for a vehicle unless that individual is also a joint owner of the vehicle.
  • The nominated owner must be made aware of their obligations as the 'responsible person'.

Business partnerships and vehicle licences

In the case of a business partnership, when the owners of the vehicle have nominated a 'responsible person', only that person's name will appear on the licence.

If the business is operating under a trading name (and is not incorporated and does not have an ACN) the trading name cannot be recorded on the licence.

Changing or removing the nominated owner/licence holder

If you wish to cancel the nomination of the responsible person and change it to another joint owner, all joint owners of the vehicle must complete and sign a Change in Nominated/Joint Owners (E4) form.

If you cancel the nomination and the new owner/licence holder is not currently also a joint owner, or the previous 'responsible person' is no longer a joint owner, the vehicle must be transferred. Payment of transfer and vehicle licence duty is required.

  Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Man driving a car
Man driving a car

To find out if your vehicle is listed on the Written-Off Vehicle Register or if the car you are buying has money owing on, or has been listed as stolen, check out PPSR online or call 1300 007 777.

To make a PPSR enquiry, you need to provide the chassis or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A search cannot be done by plate or engine number.

PPSR can tell you whether a vehicle, boat or farm machinery has money owing on it (encumbered) before making a purchase. This is important because a third party (e.g. a bank or finance company) may be able to repossess the vehicle you have purchased.

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

  Fees and charges for a change of ownership

A transfer fee must be paid when transferring a vehicle licence. Vehicle licence duty is payable on the grant or transfer of a vehicle licence (even if the vehicle has been gifted to you), unless an exemption or concession applies. Visit the Department of Finance website for further information on vehicle licence duty and available exemptions or concessions.

Vehicle licence duty is charged at a percentage rate of the dutiable value of a vehicle. Use RevenueWA’s Vehicle Duty Calculator to find out how much vehicle licence duty is payable when you licence or transfer a vehicle in Western Australia.

Reassessment of vehicle licence duty

Where an agreement for the purchase of a vehicle is rescinded, annulled or otherwise terminated (known as ‘deal cancelled’) within a 5-year period, an application for reassessment of duty can be made to DoT, using the new Application for Reassessment of Duty (E124) form.

This form must be completed by both the dealer and the purchaser. DoT will not accept or process applications for the reassessment of duty due to a deal cancelled, if the application is not received on the approved form or is incomplete.

While a 5-year reassessment application period is provided, applications for reassessment of duty can only be accepted if the purchaser has not taken possession of the vehicle.

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