Change of address (online)

Change of address form to update your Western Australian (WA) licence details

  Change your WA address and contact details (for individuals)

You can update address and contact details for:

  • WA vehicle licence (registration) or driver's licence.
  • WA recreational boat registration.
  • WA Recreational Skipper's Ticket (RST).
  • WA Photo Card.

Note: WA, driver and vehicle licence holders

  • You must provide a residential address. You can also enter a postal address, which is different from your residential address, for correspondence purposes only.
  • There is no fee payable to change your name, organisation name, address or gender. However, a fee will apply if you request a replacement driver's licence document, vehicle licence document, or Photo Card. Visit the Transport-related fees section for more information.

If you have a licence issued outside WA

If you do not hold a WA licence but have recently moved to WA, please refer to the My driver's licence section for information on what your legal obligations are including if you need to obtain a WA licence.

Change your details without an online account:

Change your WA address and contact details

2. Register and login to your DoTDirect account to view and update.

Register for your online account Login to your online account

For more information and frequently asked questions about registering and using DoTDirect, visit the FAQs.

  Change of address stickers for driver's licences

A change of address sticker will be forwarded when your address details have been changed on your driver's licence record. This should be attached to the back of your driver's licence and/or Photo Card document.

A change of address sticker will not be forwarded for changes to your vehicle licence (registration) document, or for Photo Cards without an address.

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