Trade plates

Trade plates are used by licensed vehicle dealers and repairers to test, transfer and deliver unlicensed cars, motorcycles, caravans, trailers and agricultural machinery.

  What are trade plates?

Dealers plate sample
Dealers plate sample

Trade plates allow motor trade and agricultural machinery businesses to move roadworthy unlicensed vehicles on Western Australian roads for trade purposes. This includes:

  • Attending a licensing or examination centre for the purpose of a vehicle examination or vehicle licensing.
  • Delivering a vehicle to a purchaser following a sale.
  • Test driving by potential buyers or their employees for up to 24 hours.
  • Driving a vehicle from a dealer's premises to a potential purchaser for the purpose of a test drive.
  • Driving a vehicle to or from an agricultural show, agricultural field day or motor show.
  • Testing a vehicle following a repair or completion of repair.
  • Transporting a vehicle to or from a manufacturer, dealer, repairer or agent.

Trade plates are made of aluminium and have the following dimensions:

  • Motor vehicle plate 372 mm x 134 mm.
  • Motorcycle plate 245 mm x 100 mm.

Trade plates replaced dealer plates in October 2010.

  Eligibility: Trade plates

Under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014, trade plates may only be used by businesses (i.e. holders of an Australian Business Number) who are:

Manufacturers of vehicles, including:

  • Trailer manufacturers and repairers.
  • Boat manufacturers and repairers.
  • Motor vehicle dealers authorised by the Department of Commerce, including lease and hire operators with a dealer's licence or an exemption.
  • Registered used car dealers with a dealer's licence.
  • Transporters of motor vehicles acting as a contractor for one of the above.
  • Motor vehicle repairers with a repairers certificate from the Department of Commerce.
  • Builders of vehicles bodies.

Other businesses approved by the Chief Executive Officer or delegate, such as:

  • Window tinters.
  • Car detailers.

For more information, please download the guidelines below.

Opens in a new window Department of Justice: Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014

  Step 1:Prepare written application

To apply for trade plates, or to request additional trade plates if they have already been issued, you will need to submit an Application for Trade Plates (Form E96) and provide the following information:

  • The nature of your business.
  • The reason trade plates are required.
  • How often the trade plates are likely to be used.
  • The number of trade plates that have already been issued to the applicant or organisation (if applicable).
  • Any other relevant information in support of the application.

Form E96 application must be signed by a company director or sole proprietor.

  Step 2:Providing supporting documents: Trade plates

You will be required to provide copies of the following certifications along with your written application, if they apply:

  • Certificate of Authorised Premises
  • Certificate of Business Registration
  • Certificate of Registration of a Business Name
  • Current Motor Dealers Licence
  • Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence.

  Step 3:Submit the completed application

Please submit your completed E96 application and copies of supporting documents to:

Street address Postal address Telephone Fax Email
Trade Plates,
Department of Transport,
GPO Box R1290,
Perth WA 6844

  Step 4:Pay the required fees

If an application is approved, the Department of Transport will contact you to arrange for payment of the appropriate fees.

Fees can be paid when collecting the trade plates at the nominated Driver and Vehicle Services centre or regional agent.

Payment of fees should not be submitted with the written application.

Trade plates fees (Motor Vehicle Dealers)

Fee type Fee
Motor Vehicle Dealers: Trade plate annual fee $45.80
Motor Vehicle Dealers: Trade plate deposit $500.00
Motor Vehicle Dealers: Trade plate for Dealers (plate fee) $28.00
Motor Vehicle Dealers: Trade plate remake fee $34.00

  Interstate use of trade plates

WA trade plates are valid for use within Western Australia only.

Although similar, each Australian jurisdiction applies their own specific conditions for issue and use of trade plates within their State or Territory.

Should you wish to use your WA trade plates in another Australian jurisdiction, it is recommended that you make direct contact with the licensing authority in that State or Territory to confirm whether the use is permitted.

Trade plates issued in other Australian jurisdictions may be recognised in WA if the plates are issued as a licence, rather than a permit. Please contact us to confirm whether your interstate trade plates can be used here.

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