Use of boating facilities

Find out about the rules and policies for using maritime facilities managed by the Department of Transport.

The Department of Transport (DoT) manages a range of boating facilities across Western Australia, including:

DoT must ensure that all vessels berthed or moored at our facilities comply with the relevant legislation and Australian Standards. 

There may be fees and charges for using DoT maritime facilities. Find out more on our facility location pages.

Use of DoT service jetties and wharves

There are service jetties and wharves at many of the DoT managed maritime facilities, which provide vessel access for refuelling, loading and unloading, picking up and setting down passengers, casual berthing and minor vessel maintenance.

There are fees, charges and conditions of use for these service jetties and wharves.

Download the Use of DoT service jetties and wharves document below to find out more.

Terms and conditions for boat pens and moorings

By using a boat pen or mooring at one of the DoT managed facilities, you are agreeing to the vessel accommodation terms and conditions. 

Download the vessel accommodation terms and conditions document below to find out more.

Electrical, gas and insurance requirements for pens and moorings

To use or apply for a boat pen or mooring at a DoT managed facility, you will need to provide:

  • Proof of compliance with electrical and gas requirements.
  • Proof of appropriate third party liability insurance to the value of $10 million AUD. 

Download the Electrical, Gas and Insurance Requirements guidelines below to find out more.

  Living onboard

As part of a general boat pen or mooring licence, commercial and recreational boat users may live on their vessel overnight for up to:

  • 6 consecutive days.
  • 10 days per calendar month.

Any overnight stays onboard a vessel over this period will require separate approval from the Department of Transport, which will be granted according to the 'Live Onboard' policy (see below).

The policy covers the following information:

  • Conditions for living on board.
  • Number of live on board approvals within a maritime facility.
  • Bona fide boat travellers.
  • Commercial vessels moored adjacent to leased areas within a maritime facility.
  • Commercial vessels working in and around Western Australia.
  • Duration of live on board arrangements.

Download the Live Onboard Policy below to find out more.

  Small craft facilities trust fund

Fees charged for use of waterways and coastal facilities go into the small craft facilities trust fund, which is used to pay for operation and maintenance of these facilities.

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