Preparations underway at DoT ports in Pilbara as storm approaches

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The Department of Transport (DoT) has acted to ensure the safety of vessels at a number of Pilbara ports under its control as severe weather nears the coast.

DoT Marine Safety General Manager Ray Buchholz said vessels at Port Walcott, Cape Preston, Onslow, Barrow Island and Varanus Island had been told to implement their cyclone contingency plans and move to their dedicated cyclone mooring or pen.

"Vessels without these arrangements have been instructed to leave port waters and while the ports are not closed, vessels are not being given access port waters," Mr Buchholz said.

"These actions have been undertaken in close consultation with port operators and DoT continues to work to minimise the impact of the severe weather over the coming days."

Mr Buchholz said weather forecasts would be monitored and once conditions improved the ports would be partially reopened allowing vessels to enter port waters again.

He said operators could contact the DoT Harbour Master to discuss any safety or operational concerns.

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Page last updated: Fri Oct 1 2021 11:38:59 AM