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Latitude Financial cyber-attack FAQs

Latitude Financial was the target of a cyber-attack that resulted in the unauthorised access of personal information and identity documents, including driver’s licences. 

This is a Latitude Financial data breach. WA Department of Transport (DoT) systems are not affected. 

The following information will assist DoT customers who may be impacted by the Latitude Financial cyber-attack.

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How will I know if I have been impacted by the Latitude Financial cyber-attack?

Latitude Financial is communicating with all its customers to notify them of the data breach. 

Further targeted communications will be sent to those customers who have been identified by Latitude as having their personal information or identity documents disclosed in the data breach. Latitude will notify customers via email or letter as soon as possible. 

Should I replace my driver’s licence card?

If you have been informed by Latitude Financial that your driver’s licence details or an image of your driver’s licence has been compromised in the cyber-attack, we recommend that you replace your driver’s licence card.

This is not required if the licence has been replaced or renewed since the details were provided to Latitude Financial.

How does replacing my driver's licence card protect me?

WA driver’s licences contain two numbers, a driver's licence number on the front of the card and a unique card number on the reverse of the card. Both numbers are required to verify your details via the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS).

The DVS is used by organisations such as financial service providers, banks and telcos to verify the authenticity of Government issued credentials when providing credit products or access to services. 

When you replace your driver’s licence card, your driver’s licence number will remain the same, but your card number will change. This will protect you by preventing the details of your compromised licence being verified through the DVS. 

What if I have renewed my licence or replaced my card in the past 12 months?

If you have renewed your licence or replaced your driver’s licence card recently and have not provided the new card details to Latitude Financial since you received the new licence card, you may not need to have your card replaced again. 

If you are concerned or unsure of what details you provided Latitude Financial Services we suggest you replace your driver’ licence card as a precaution.  

How can I replace my driver's licence card?

You can order a replacement card anytime, anywhere online via DoTDirect, or at a DVS centre, regional DoT office or agent by presenting original copies of your proof of identity documents

A fee will be payable for a replacement card.  Latitude Financial will reimburse you for the cost of replacing your licence card. Please retain a copy of your payment receipt and Latitude will advise you of the reimbursement process once it has been established. 

I’m a Latitude customer but have not been advised that my details were compromised. Should I replace my driver’s licence card as a precaution?

If you have not been informed by Latitude Financial that your driver’s licence details have been compromised as part of the cyber-attack, there is no need to order a replacement card.

Latitude Financial will contact individual customers to advise of the specific information that has been compromised.

If you are a customer of Latitude Financial and you have updated your contact information you may wish to contact them to confirm that your details were not disclosed in the cyber-attack.

What else can I do to protect myself from this cyber-attack?

Latitude Financial has partnered with IDCARE, Australia’s national identity and cyber support community service. 

IDCARE has expert Case Managers who can work with affected customers in addressing concerns in relation to personal information risks.  

There is no cost to access IDCARE’s services for Latitude customers.

To speak with a Case Manager, visit the IDCARE website or call 1800 595160, 9am to 6pm AEDT, Monday - Friday (excluding public holidays). 

When engaging IDCARE, Latitude customers should use the referral code LAT23.

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