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Publications (listed by topic) relating to on-demand transport services in Western Australia.

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  On-demand transport publications: On-demand Booking Services

Title Type Size Date
Association arrangement fact sheet PDF 375 Kb 28-Jan-22
Audit checklist: On-demand booking services PDF 396 Kb 11-Jun-21
Booking records template - record keeping PDF 20 Kb 15-Feb-23
Common industry hazards self-assessment checklist Word 24 Kb 15-Feb-19
Daily vehicle inspection checklist Word 161 Kb 15-Feb-19
Direct debit request service agreement on-demand booking services - authorisation PDF 79 Kb 27-Feb-19
Disqualification offences fact sheet PDF 159 Kb 11-Jun-21
Driver and Vehicle Industry Dashboard (DVID) user guide PDF 3 Mb 21-Jan-22
Driver and Vehicle Industry Dashboard API consultation paper PDF 132 Kb 17-Sep-21
DVID: Driver dashboard export example (from February 2022) PDF 0 Kb 19-Feb-22
DVID: Vehicle dashboard export example (from February 2022) PDF 0 Kb 19-Feb-22
Example booking records 1 - paper-based PDF 127 Kb 27-Jan-22
Example booking records 2 - paper-based PDF 155 Kb 27-Jan-22
Levy exemption fact sheet PDF 1 Mb 28-Jan-22
On-boarding induction template Word 25 Kb 15-Feb-19
On-demand booking service (ODBS) authorisation user guide PDF 7 Mb 10-Apr-21
On-demand Booking Services: Setting up your own on-demand transport business fact sheet PDF 133 Kb 28-Jan-22
On-demand passenger transport Levy map PDF 456 Kb 18-Dec-18
On-demand Transport standard proof of identity requirements - responsible officers PDF 133 Kb 12-Mar-19
On-demand Transport Standard: Certification of documents guidelines (Fact sheet) PDF 136 Kb 04-Oct-23
On-demand Transport Standard: Proof of Identity requirements (Fact sheet) PDF 134 Kb 14-Aug-18
Passenger transport vehicles: on-demand charter fact sheet PDF 335 Kb 28-Jan-22
Risk/hazard register template Word 27 Kb 15-Feb-19
Sample risk assessment matrix Word 26 Kb 15-Feb-19
Training register template Word 25 Kb 15-Feb-19
Vehicle maintenance register Word 26 Kb 15-Feb-19
Work sheet/driver logs template Word 28 Kb 15-Feb-19

  On-demand transport publications: Passenger Transport Drivers

  On-demand transport industry newsletters (previous)

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  On-demand transport publications: News/industry updates

Title Type Size Date

  On-demand transport publications: Passengers

  On-demand transport publications: Reform

Title Type Size Date
Community and courtesy transport fact sheet PDF 5 Mb 10-Oct-23
Compliance assessment notice: Decision regulatory impact statement PDF 571 Kb 11-Mar-19
Data sharing capabilities fact sheet PDF 398 Kb 26-Nov-19
Green Paper: On-demand Transport Reform - Consultation report executive summary PDF 391 Kb 17-Jan-19
Green Paper: On-demand Transport Reform - Discussion paper for future innovation PDF 2 Mb 30-Jul-18
On-demand Transport Reform: A better deal for drivers PDF 596 Kb 31-Jan-22
On-demand Transport Reform: Benefits of the reform PDF 360 Kb 05-Jul-18
On-demand Transport Reform: Frequently asked questions PDF 216 Kb 06-Nov-18
Passenger transport industry fact sheet: A guide for tourism operators PDF 412 Kb 31-Jan-22
Passenger transport vehicle (PTV) authorisations user guide PDF 9 Mb 01-Feb-21
Passenger Transport Vehicles: on-demand rank or hail fact sheet PDF 175 Kb 28-Jan-22
Proposal for industry funded voluntary buy-back scheme of Perth owned taxi plates: Supplementary decision regulatory impact statement PDF 817 Kb 11-Mar-19
Proposal for regulation of the On-demand (taxi and charter) transport industry: Decision regulatory impact statement PDF 1 Mb 11-Mar-19
PTV authorisation document - sample only PDF 676 Kb 19-Jun-19
School bus services fact sheet PDF 99 Kb 28-Jan-22
Tour and charter fact sheet PDF 241 Kb 31-Jan-22
Transport (Road Passenger Services) Act 2018: Summary PDF 581 Kb 15-Nov-18
What is a responsible officer? fact sheet PDF 157 Kb 28-Jul-21
What is an on-demand booking service? (Fact sheet) PDF 200 Kb 28-Jan-22

  On-demand transport publications: Passenger Transport Vehicles

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