Our career opportunities

You can have a fulfilling career, transitioning through different roles at the Department of Transport.

Our people provide a variety of services to the Western Australia communities.

Whether your passion is on the frontline engaging with the community, helping people in the maritime industry or contributing to the development of strategy and projects, we will support you to thrive.

Explore our careers below.

Customer service

A customer service staff member standing in front of an information counter, holding a tablet device.

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. Our customer service teams play an important role delivering efficient, accessible and sustainable services to local communities. These teams are located both in metro and regional areas and include roles such as:

  • customer service officers
  • driver assessors
  • regional driver assessors
  • marine officers
  • marine safety educators
  • administration.

Technical and engineering

A vehicle inspector standing in front of a car with a clipboard.

Our technical and engineering staff plan and design sustainable transport networks across Western Australia. Our people are involved in solving complex challenges across every project phase, working to connect communities across the state. Careers include:

  • civil and mechanical engineering
  • coastal engineering
  • transport modelling and planning
  • project management.

Policy, planning and research

A Department of Transport employee smiling next to water.

We have a range of careers in policy, planning and research. Our people work to find ways to connect Western Australians and keep our State moving. Careers include:

  • transport modelling and planning
  • project management
  • data analysis
  • policy development
  • research and future transport planning.


A maritime officer standing on a boat wearing a life jacket.

We support the Western Australian maritime industry by allowing it to thrive and bringing everyday joy to our community who love the water. Some of these careers include:

  • coastal facilities management
  • geographic information systems
  • geospatial cartography
  • maritime planning
  • waterways safety
  • compliance and investigation
  • port operations.


A Department of Transport employee smiling at her desk.

We have a range of corporate careers that support strategies, solutions and services for our customers and teams. These include:

Information technology

  • business analytics
  • ICT security
  • applications development
  • corporate information
  • infrastructure support
  • technology service delivery
  • systems administration.

Finance and procurement

  • procurement and contract management
  • financial analysis
  • governance and audit 
  • budget management
  • accounting services.

People and culture

  • organisational change
  • learning and development
  • business partnering
  • recruitment
  • employee relations
  • workforce planning
  • human resources technology
  • work health and safety
  • employee services.

Media and communications

  • corporate communications
  • strategic communications
  • Aboriginal engagement
  • digital communications
  • ministerial liaison
  • social media management
  • community engagement.

Legal and legislation

  • legal support
  • solicitor
  • legislative officer.

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