Standard plates

Find out about our range of standard (Brand WA) vehicle plates.

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 State (ordinary) plates

State series number plates have character configurations set by Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS). They are the most common number plates issued to motor vehicles, trailers and motorcycles.

 Consular number plates

Consular plates are issued to vehicles driven by Honorary and Career Consuls from other countries.

 Corporate series plates

The most cost-effective mobile advertising for your business - Corporate series plates enable you to promote your business on the move by branding your Western Australian company cars or fleet of vehicles.

 District series plates

District series number plates have specific characters that can be issued to persons who reside within that Shire or District.

 Government/Commercial plates

Special identification plates are issued by Transport to vehicles licensed to carry passengers for a fare or hire fee, such as taxis and tourist buses (excludes Transperth and Transwa passenger service buses).
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