Marine Education Boatshed

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  Marine Education Boatshed overview

Marine Education Boatshed
Marine Education Boatshed

The Department of Transport's Marine Education Boatshed is a leader in promoting boat safety and advancing marine safety education throughout Western Australia.

Our hands-on learning facility and specially-trained educators help schools incorporate marine safety education into the regular curriculum, and provides a range of resources.

Boatshed dingy practice
Boatshed dingy practice

The role of the Marine Education Boatshed is to:

  • Deliver marine safety programs for school groups.
  • Anticipate future needs in marine safety education.
  • Develop support materials and programs for boating safety.
  • Provide educational resources such as:
    • Qualified staff.
    • Publications.
    • Videos.
    • Training aids.
    • Facilities.
  • Promote boating safety in schools and the community.
  • Train marine safety educators.

We are open throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.

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  Who can use the Boatshed?

Boatshed Yachts
Boatshed Yachts

We provide marine safety education to people of all ages, both at the Boatshed and at their own facilities, including those from:

  • Public schools.
  • Private schools.
  • Institutes of Technology (formerly known as TAFE colleges).
  • Universities.
  • Department of Transport.
  • Other government bodies.
  • Yachting WA.
  • Community groups.

Each year, more than 3,500 school students come to the Boatshed to learn valuable knowledge and skills in marine safety.


Read what people are saying about the Boatshed and our programs:

  • "The course is fantastic and we really enjoy coming every year!"
  • "Boatshed staff went out of their way to accommodate me and my students. Thank you."
  • "Had a great time, wish I could have that much fun more often! Thanks."
  • "Thanks. This was a super-fun couple of days. The course provides a high level of understanding about the recreational vessel business. I can't wait for a refresher course!"
  • "Our instructor was understanding and helpful at all times. He made us feel safe while we were on Seatrek and while we were at the Boatshed."
  • "I thought the balance between the theory and the practical training was spot on. I would not like to see the theory given more time than the practical. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anybody interested in obtaining a RST. The course, and the way it was conducted, was a totally enjoyable experience."
  • "Great experience, was a team building exercise without perhaps intending to be."

  Our courses and programs

Boatshed programmes
Boatshed programmes

The Marine Education Boatshed provides a range of programs that teachers and lecturers can incorporate into their courses.

Our courses and programs are also suitable for:

  • Primary and secondary schools.
  • Youth at risk programs.
  • Vocational educational and training.
  • University undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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  Marine Education Boatshed fees

Marine Education Boatshed fees

Fee type Fee
Marine Education Boatshed, facility fees
Marine Education Boatshed, facility fees: per school term $552.35 [*]
Marine Education Boatshed, facility fees: per day (casual) $149.20 [*]
Marine Education Boatshed, staff assistance
Marine Education staff assistance: per school term $427.10 [*]
Marine Education Boatshed, staff assistance: per day (casual) $427.10 [*]
Marine Education Boatshed, Seatrek / Rivertrek
Marine Education Boatshed, Seatrek / Rivertrek: per student per day $36.40 [*]

[*] Includes GST

  Our location

Boatshed aerial map
Boatshed aerial map

The Marine Education Boatshed is located along the Swan River in scenic East Fremantle.

Marine Education Boatshed

  • Corner of Riverside Road and Pier Street
    East Fremantle, Western Australia

Image of jetty and boats at the Marine Education Boatshed facility

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