Old4New lifejacket upgrade program visits the Gascoyne

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Carnarvon and Exmouth are the next stops for the Department of Transport's (DoT) very successful Old4New lifejacket upgrade program.

DoT Safety Education Manager Laurie Adams said boating hotspots in Gascoyne had been targeted to boost the number of regional skippers benefiting from the program, delivered in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia.

The Old4New initiative spearheads a State-wide education campaign promoting the benefits of wearing lifejackets at all times while boating.

"The aim is to change people's behaviour and improve the safety of people who enjoy boating in WA," Mr Adams said.

There was an overwhelming response to the Old4New lifejacket campaign when introduced in the metropolitan area earlier this year following a trial last year. Based on schemes introduced in other jurisdictions, it's hoped the scheme will mirror the success of that implemented in New South Wales where the number of boaters wearing a lifejacket has quadrupled since 2007.

Mr Adams said skippers would be provided with discount vouchers to purchase lifejackets from participating retailers.

Old, damaged, obsolete or foam filled lifejackets can be exchanged for a voucher with a maximum of three vouchers per vessel.

"Voucher limits and restrictions are in place to ensure the benefits of the program apply to as many vessels as possible, Mr Adams said.

"To avoid disappointment it's important that people wanting to participate in the program read the Old4New guidelines at www.transport.wa.gov.au/lifejackets to check if their jackets qualify for an upgrade and to find out more information."

Skippers can participate in the Old4New program at the following locations:


  • Location: Boat ramp on Harbour Road.
  • Date: 13/4/2017.
  • Time: 9:30 am to 10:30 am.


  • Location: Boat ramp at the Exmouth Marina.
  • Date: 16/4/2017.
  • Time: 1 pm to 2 pm.

Following the Old4New opportunity at Exmouth marine education officers will demonstrate the correct use of flares. On Good Friday and Easter Monday the education team will visit local boat ramps and caravan parks to highlight boating safety and provide advice to skippers.

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