Maintenance dredging complete at Bandy Creek

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Larger commercial fishing, charter industry and recreational vessels have safe access to Bandy Creek Boat Harbour after the completion of dredging at the Department of Transport (DoT) facility.

DoT Coastal Infrastructure General Manager Steve Jenkins said the recent routine maintenance dredging operation, costing $1.1 million and undertaken every two years, had seen a total of 85,000 cubic metres of material removed from the harbour entrance.

"At completion, the harbour entrance mouth was successfully dredged to double the depth it was prior to the works, providing safe access for larger vessels and limiting problems with future build-up of material," Mr Jenkins said.

"As part of the work the harbour slipway, weir and commercial mooring areas were also dredged providing deeper navigable depths for vessels."

DoT contractor CGC Dredging used its specially modified dredge vessel Cooper II to complete the campaign which commenced in May.

Mr Jenkins said locally sourced drone imagery was used on two occasions during the project to provide environmental monitoring updates.

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