Ocean Reef Boat Harbour maintenance dredging starts

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Maintenance dredging commences at Ocean Reef Boat Harbour this week, helping to restore safe navigational access for recreational boat users.

Department of Transport (DoT) A/General Manager of Coastal Infrastructure Donna West said the dredging would take place over the next two months.

"The $300,000 project will involve approximately 6,000 cubic metres of sediments being removed from the entrance channel, near-shore areas and around the boat ramps, improving access to the Harbour," said Ms West.

"Skippers operating in the area and people accessing the beach need to be aware of the special safety arrangements implemented for the dredging and onshore works."

Works will be undertaken using a cutter suction dredge, which hydraulically pumps sand to the disposal site area located north-east of the boat harbour and to the inner harbour's beach.

Testing has confirmed that dredge material can be safely deposited on the beach.

For more information about the project or DoT's maintenance dredging program throughout Western Australia visit www.transport.wa.gov.au/coastalmanagement

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