Community help sought for clean-up at Hillarys Boat Harbour

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The shorelines and waterways within Hillarys Boat Harbour will be targeted in a community led clean-up of the busy facility next month.

Facility manager, the Department of Transport (DoT), which is working with the NARC Dive Club to organise the event, is calling for volunteers to register now to play their role.

DoT Director Coastal Facilities Management Shelley Grice said registrations to participate would soon close for the event planned for May 5 and 6, 2018.

"It will be the eighth annual land and underwater clean-up at the harbour involving teams of divers and snorkelers recovering rubbish from the harbour waters and other volunteers cleaning up the harbour's commercial, recreational and retail precincts," Ms Grice said.

"As in past years, the clean-up includes areas above and below the water line, so everyone can be involved and it is a great opportunity for those with dive qualifications wanting to test their skills."

Ms Grice said DoT was very grateful to the NARC Dive Club and those who had participated previously in the community-based event.

"DoT constantly reminds users of the facility to be considerate of other users when disposing of waste in the harbour precinct. However, each year a concerning amount of rubbish is found," Ms Grice said.

"The efforts of those involved in the event save DoT ongoing costs associated with the collection and removal of rubbish from the facility.

"The event is also assisted by the support of local businesses with the donation of equipment and services."

People wishing to join the clean-up of the harbour are asked to log on to [old link deleted].

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