F and T driver’s licence extensions make way for new driver authorisation

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The Department of Transport (DoT) will stop accepting applications for F (charter) and T (taxi) driver’s licence extensions, currently required to transport passengers for hire or reward, at 5pm on Friday 12 June 2020.

This is to prepare for the new passenger transport driver (PTD) authorisation that will begin replacing F and T driver’s licence extensions from 1 July.

DoT General Manager On-demand Transport Paula Tomkins said the transition to PTD authorisations is the final stage of the on-demand transport industry reform that has increased accountability and safety requirements in the industry, given customers increased choice, and allowed on-demand transport providers more flexibility in how they operate their businesses.

“This change to the authorisation of passenger transport drivers will affect people who transport fare-paying passengers as well as people who drive passengers as a primary part of their job, such as taxi and rideshare drivers, bus drivers and drivers in the tourism industry,” Ms Tomkins said.

“Drivers looking to join the passenger transport industry need to make sure their application for an F or T driver’s licence extension has been submitted with all the necessary supporting documentation by 12 June or wait until 1 July to apply for the new PTD authorisation. 

“We advise people looking to start these types of work to visit the Department of Transport website where they can find information about how the new PTD authorisation process will work.

“This authorisation change aligns with the significant reforms already made in the on-demand transport industry over the past two years. It places all passenger transport drivers on a level playing field with a focus on ensuring safety for the WA community.”

Anyone with a current application pending for an F or T extension has been contacted by the Department about how the transition to PTD authorisations will affect them.

F and T driver’s licence extensions will remain valid until 30 June 2021, meaning current holders have 12 months to transition to the new PTD authorisation. The first year’s authorisation fee will be waived for existing F and T extension holders who apply for a PTD authorisation in the first four months from 1 July.

More information about on-demand transport reform is available on the Department of Transport website.

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