Further increases to maximum metered taxi fares from December 2022

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In response to requests from taxi operators to review the maximum regulated fares to compensate for rising costs, the State Government has approved a proposal to allow taxi service providers to further increase their maximum metered rank or hail (taxi) fares by 4.5% from 1 December 2022.

Maximum metered taxi fares are set in regulations which stipulate maximum rates, including flagfall and per kilometre rates, that can be charged for rank or hail services. 

In June 2022, a decision was made to increase metered rank or hail fares by 2% as an interim measure to ease costs associated with the rising price of fuel. That change took effect on August 1.

Taxi service providers have the choice to increase any or all, of the applicable fare components in line with the new regulations.

The Department of Transport (DoT) recently concluded a wider review of the way metered taxi fares are regulated in WA, after historic State Government passenger transport industry reforms created a more flexible, competitive industry.

Recommendations from the review are currently being considered to determine the best approach to contemporary fare-setting in a deregulated environment and will be discussed with industry in coming months.

The legislative process takes some time to complete, therefore an implementation date of 1 December 2022 has been proposed.

DoT will work with industry to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of the new increases, noting that many booking services have only recently updated meters and fare schedules to reflect the August increase.

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