Yachting training courses

Find out about yachting courses at the Marine Education Boatshed, including the Seatrek program in which students can gain WACE credit while participating in a coastal expedition, and Yachting Australia's National Power Boat Scheme.

  Seatrek program

Boatshed Seatrek program
Boatshed Seatrek program

Seatrek is a sailing program involving expeditions along the spectacular Western Australian coastline.

The program aims to reinforce and enhance marine safety by providing students with a unique and challenging experience, and allows teachers and students to practice the skills learned during the Recreational Skipper's Ticket.

Training and credit

The Seatrek program qualifies as part of the outdoor education course in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).


A Recreational Skipper's Ticket is required for all students entering the program.

Before each expedition, students will be provided with training in:

  • Advanced boat handling.
  • Coastal navigation.
  • Radio procedure.
  • Sailing.

The training will emphasise voyage planning, preparation and personal safety.

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Raising sails on a Seahawk sailboat (video)

Minimal impact: Seatrek program, Shark Bay (video)

The Marine Education Boatshed offers a range of sailing expeditions from 1-day trips up the Swan River to 8-day expeditions around Shark Bay or from Fremantle to Mandurah.

Each expedition can take up to 24 students and 2 staff members in our fleet of boats, which includes:

  • 6 5-metre self-contained sailboats.
  • Motorised safety and support vessel.

Image of students yachting

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